Episode 9: Dave Carswell

Dave Carswell is a photographer with an interest in long form storytelling through methods of portraiture, landscape and still life. Dave spent his early years in Queenstown and is now based in Launceston, Tasmania. While engaging with the Q-Bank artists residency in October, Dave and Emmalie recorded a conversation together. Dave discusses being a Dave, not a David, McDonalds possibly being the most notable mark of entry to the metropolitan world, how and why we assign value to particular memories, engaging in a slow practice, editing his photographs before the work exists, the tension experienced between man and nature, shifting from the external world to the internal and revisiting the past. 

“Dave Carswell is an Australian photographer… working broadly in the field of documentary image making, his work focuses on the collision course between nature, humans and the built environment. Exploring the tension that exists in urban areas and the way in which human intervention shapes the formed landscape, he draws on visual puns, urban anxieties and society’s underlying resilience as some of the driving emphasis of his recent work.” – Dave Carswell, taken from his website 

Dave can be found online – 

@daaavecarswell (instagram) 

Website: https://www.davecarswell.com

Dave Carswell is currently a finalist in the upcoming Heysen Prize for Landscape at Hanhndorf Academy. The winner will be announced on Saturday December 12. Unfortunately the event is invite only due to limited numbers in accordance with the Covid safety plan. For more information: http://hahndorfacademy.org.au/heysen-prize-1

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