Episode 8: David Fitzpatrick

David Fitzpatrick is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Queenstown, Tasmania. Emmalie and David had tried recording earlier in the year and ended up with almost three hours of audio, so they attempted to streamline the conversation again in November. This is the second conversation they recorded. David talks about finding his path, his spiritual practice, having experiences that simply require a person to bear witness, seeing something from multiple points of view, being pulled in two opposing directions, enjoying the process of making more than the outcome and deliberately moving slowly. 

“David was born on the West Coast of Tasmania in Queenstown in 1958 and returned in 2015 from travelling Australia with his unique spiritual pastel drawings.David began working with using stains and objects found in and around Queenstown to produce his ‘Moon Vases’, incorporating the residue from the copper producing process (slag) metals and local clay. David’s large scarred, raw and intense panels show a truth in landscape and depict a ‘real’ view of his home town and its surrounds—’A West Coaster’s point of view’. Revealed in these large works is a mysterious, unique beauty and resilience only an artist born into it could portray.” – from The Unconformity website

David can be found in the world – 

Majestics Gallery – 17 Hunter Street, Queenstown, Tasmania

David can be found online – 
https://theunconformity.com.au/artists/david-fitzpatrick/ – David Fitzpatrick featured on The Unconformity website

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