Episode 7: Carl Ross

Carl Ross is a painter loosely based in Hobart, Tasmania. While engaging with the Q-Bank artists residency in September 2020, Carl, despite his cat allergy, agreed to chat with Emmalie in her home. Carl discusses having a tumultuous childhood and an incredibly supportive mother and father, learning how to direct his focus, admiring the particular way the hand of man impacts both landscapes and structures, buildings as sacred relics, baptising himself in Leo Kelly’s makeshift fountain and crying in his car while listening to Alice in Chains.

“…I’d say at this point I’m painting figurative works that contain parts of the landscape and town that feel special to me. Initially it was pretty broad when I first arrived, lots of different bits rolled up into one image, but now, later on, more focused on, say, one particular house or person. The narrative within the work is coming directly from the subject matter. I’m not creating a narrative, more so reflecting the one that I’ve been told.” – Carl Ross, pulled from a text conversation between Carl and Emmalie 

Carl can be found online – 


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