Episode 6: Nat Phillips & Oliver Moir

Nat Phillips and Oliver Moir are multidisciplinary artists and life-long friends that visited Queenstown in February 2020 through the Q-Bank Gallery’s artist-in-residence program to launch their project, SNIFF (Southern Nomads Independent Film Festival). SNIFF is a travelling, independent film festival showcasing short films, documentaries and video art that is produced by and/or focuses on artists from the Southern region of Australia. Nat is an installation artist, painter, illustrator and woodworker based in regional Victoria and Oliver is a performance maker, sound and video producer and installation artist based in Melbourne. The boys speak on working with fatigue creatively, dancing until you’re exhausted, creating an event fueled by the desire to understand and reflect small communities, why all homes should have a hole in the floor for secret debris storage, reclamation of space despite perceived redundancy, the elusive nature of truth and authenticity and question what hashtags are even for. 

“The LP is an artistic exploration and comes from my own unique experiences in life, with death and the emotions that inherently follow. There are only two certainties in life: your born, and then you die. Everything in between is in limbo. This label is a celebration of life, the people we love, our planet, the expanse of fiction and the utterly unknown.” – Oliver Moir, speaking on his 4-track LP ‘In Memory Of…”

“Our installation was temporary, giving the community a momentary pause to see this dilapidated building for its potential, part way between renewal and decay. Yet the installations we created could be viewed as having been in a state of decay themselves. Null & Void starkly affronted the local audience to question what had been left as rubble, to question the absence of artistic expression, in a town grappling with its conflicting identities. Our flaking paintings were viewed as a representation of the decay of artistic expression, yet also as a display of hope for the opportunities of the region that were slowly being realised.’ – Nat Phillips, speaking on his collaborative installation, ‘Null & Void’

Oli can be found online – 

@wardens_world_tour (instagram) 

FOST – @funeral.ost (instagram) 

Buy Oliver’s work @ http://funeralost.bandcamp.com/

Nat can be found online – 

@fruitcakerocketpaint (instagram)

Connect with SNIFF – 

@sniff_2020 (instagram) @comehaveasniff (facebook)

‘If Only I Could… Twist’  – Oliver Moir 
‘No Limbo, All Action’ – Oliver Moi, shot in Queenstown, Tasmania
‘Introducing Mr. & Mrs.’  – Oliver Moir 
‘Last Will & Testament – the final track from Oliver’s Funeral OST album, ‘In Memory Of…’, released in February 2020

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