Episode 4: Chris T Wilson

Chris T. Wilson is a landscape painter based in Queenstown, Tasmania, who now works exclusively using raw materials collected from the hills and mountains surrounding the West Coast. Although Chris and Emmalie had bumped into each other a few times around town, there was no way of knowing, prior to sitting down together, what a truly fascinating person Chris is. Chris visited Emmalie on a cold and rainy day in August to sip tea and talk. Chris explores what it was like for so many growing up on the West and North-West Coast of Tasmania, the unparalleled uniqueness of the geography and geology of the West Coat, carving a life for oneself, the rich abundance the land provides, going bush and life living in her delightful caravan. 

“At various times in her painting development, Chris has experimented with techniques to create ‘geolandscapes’, which focus on the ‘bones of the Earth’; showing the varied and wonderful structures, textures, colours and patterns of the rocks and minerals found in the Earth’s crust. Variations of marbling techniques have lent themselves to creating these ‘geolandscapes’, with the latest works proving to be a very exciting process and resultant image. Even the colourful geological maps of the Queenstown area have been used as added inspiration.” – from The Unconformity website 

Chris can be found in the world – 

Q-West Gallery, Queenstown, Tasmania 

The Station House, Queenstown, Tasmania 

Chris can’t really be found on the internet, BUT, here are some places with extra Chris information – 

Chris T. Wilson featured on the Unconformity website: https://theunconformity.com.au/2016-artists/chris-t-wilson/

Chris has also been involved in ‘Women of the Island’, a documentary web-series telling the untold and inspiring stories of the women who inhabit the island of Tasmania. See her ‘Photo Story’ here: https://www.womenoftheisland.com/minerals-art-and-a-gypsy-wagon

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