Episode 2: Aviva Endean

Aviva Endean is a composer and performance maker based in Melbourne, Victoria. After finishing The Unconformity’s Artist in Residence program in February 2020, Aviva stopped by Emmalie’s home to talk. Sitting at an oversized dining table in front of the fireplace Aviva discusses the role physical space plays as both subject and passive collaborator, moving beyond the studio and into the ever unpredictable outside world, her deep desire to explore sound as a different way of knowing, losing her recorder teacher, finding the clarinet and sound as an experience so much larger than can be perceived by merely noticing it. 

“Aviva Endean is an artist dedicated to fostering a deep engagement with (and care for) sound and music, with the hope that attentive listening can connect people with each other and their environment. She is active as a clarinetist, composer, improviser, curator, sound artist, performance-maker and collaborator. Aviva regularly works across a range of contexts including experimental and improvised music, new chamber music, creating theatre works which are designed to be listened to, and working on cross-disciplinary collaborations. Her work seeks to work beyond the boundaries of her art form, to reimagine the possibilities of a practice with sound.” – Aviva Endean for the Aviva Endean website 

Aviva can be found on the internet – 

@avivaendean (Instagram) 

@makeitupclub (Facebook)

Website: https://www.avivaendean.com

Aviva’s album cinder : ember : ashes can be purchased at https://avivaendeansolomusic.bandcamp.com/album/cinder-ember-ashes

Luminosities for Jazzwise – Aviva Endean
Aviva’s improvised track, Luminosities, in response to water. Aviva played this track at The Unconformity’s Artist Meet and Greet in Queenstown, February 2020.

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