Episode 12: Local Live – ‘Conglomerate’

During what would have been 2020’s Unconformity festival, Lou Conboy curated a group show consisting of works made by the past years Q-Bank artists in residence. Several of the artists involved were kind enough to sit down with Emmalie in the gallery’s bedroom to chat about themselves and their work. This is what we’re calling our ‘frankenstein episode’ or ‘Local Live’. Emmalie and the artists started recording prior to the exhibition opening, but continued on throughout the show, so there will be some background noise as the episode progresses. 

Abigail Rothery is a multidisciplinary artist based in Hobart, Tasmania. Abbie and Emmalie speak about taking a creative break, their mutual love of windows, the freedom of ink and sending out the call for emergency tampons.   

Abbie can be found online – 

@absroths (instagram)

Website: https://www.abigailrothery.com 

Abbie can be found in the world – 

Hanging around/exhibiting at Moon Shed! Central Avenue, Moonah, Tasmania 

Moon Shed is a shed in Moonah run by Joshua Santospirito and Leigh Rigozzi that hosts a myriad of wild and fantastic art events. 

Moon Shed can be found online – 

@moonshedmoonah (facebook and instagram) 

Tim Coad is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the expanded condition of contemporary place based drawing and photography, based in Hobart, Tasmania. Tim discusses the relationship between machines and the natural world, using power tools to distance himself from the action of mark making, dragging aluminium through the emptied Car Graveyard and his robot slave, the alien spider. 

Tim can be found online – 

@tim_coad (instagram) 

Website: https://www.timcoad.com 

Tim can be found in the world – 

At his upcoming exhibition ‘Cultural Burning’ in collaboration with Mona Foma. 

Find him and the event at: https://mofo.net.au/program/hobart/cultural-burning

Caitlin Foster is a writer, painter and illustrator based in Hobart, Tasmania. Caitlin discusses collecting all of the so called “rubbish” in order to save the world from collapsing under the weight of a giant trash pile, creatively vomiting out stress to maintain balance, growing a world inside your head, writing and illustrating a children’s book and how terrifying it can be to share your dreams with others. 

Caitlin can be found online – 

@caitlin_foster (instagram) 

Caitlin can be found in the world – 

Showing work at the upcoming group exhibition at Studio Seventy-One in January. 

Carl Ross is a painter and has been so charmed by the Tasmanian West Coast that he might soon be calling it home. Carl talks about his piece, ‘The Town’ from the series he began working on during his residency at Q-Bank, the ease of working from first impressions, the joy he feels witnessing the land reclaim itself and his love of mold. 

Carl can be found online – 

@carljohnross (instagram)

Carl can be found in the world – 

Slowly working his way back to the West Coast. Encourage him if you see him! 

Joshua Santospirito is a graphic novelist, multimedia artist, writer and musician based in Hobart, Tasmania. Josh discusses working instinctively, creating a narrative where he initially would have preferred not to and circumventing that by giving the world alzheimers, making connections with fragments and keeping things loose and weird. 

Josh can be found online – 

@jshsantospirito (Instagram)

Website: http://joshuasantospirito.com

Josh can be found in the world – 

At his upcoming event in collaboration with Natalya Bing and Mona Foma, ‘The Quoll, Bing/Santospirito’. Tickets are still available for the second show at: https://tickets.monafoma.net.au/the-quoll/47853

Lou Conboy is a photographic artist based in Hobart, Tasmania. Lou speaks of her enduring love of the Myth of Sisyphus and being in the natural world, having mixed feelings about invasive plant species, going for a wander and finding herself experiencing tranquility and the feeling of simplicity that comes with being in the moment. 

Lou can be found on the internet – 

@louconboy (Instagram)

Website: https://cargocollective.com/louconboy/lou-conboy

Leigh Rigozzi is a printmaker based in Hobart, Tasmania. Leigh discusses collaborating with Joshua Santospirito and Abigail Rothery to acquire printmaking material and to convert Josh’s shed into an exhibition space, experimenting with a learnt practice, using and repurposing what is available to him, removing the narrative from his work and making art because it makes him happy. 

Leigh can be found on the internet – 


Website: https://www.leighrigozziart.com/

Leigh can be found in the world – 

Mucking about at Moon Shed with Abbie and Josh! 

@moonshedmoonah (facebook and instagram)

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