Episode 5: Mary Burns

Mary Louise Burns is a textile artist and educator based in Queenstown, Tasmania, who places great emphasis on recycled...

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Episode 6: Nat Phillips & Oliver Moir

Nat Phillips and Oliver Moir are multidisciplinary artists and life-long friends that visited Queenstown in February 2020 through the...

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Episode 7: Carl Ross

Carl Ross is a painter loosely based in Hobart, Tasmania. While engaging with the Q-Bank artists residency in September...

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Episode 8: David Fitzpatrick

David Fitzpatrick is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Queenstown, Tasmania. Emmalie and David had tried recording earlier...

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Episode 9: Dave Carswell

Dave Carswell is a photographer with an interest in long form storytelling through methods of portraiture, landscape and still...

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Episode 10: Alex Bloem

Alex Bloem is a musician, educator and wanderer based in Queenstown, Tasmania. Alex and Emmalie met at a Q-Bank...

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